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At Camp Fire, our leadership believes in strong mentorship and modeling behavior that leads to success.
Our team members come from a varied background of education, technology, youth development, financial services, media, and nonprofit organizations.
2017-2018 Board Members

Sandra Vitellaro - President
Rose Reever - Vice President, Development
Jill Siegfried - Secretary
Kathleen Sichrovsky - Treasurer
Iride Martinez - Vice President, Marketing
Joyce Lohrentz
Kevin Piotrowski
Gene Wawrzyniakowski
Committee Members
Barbara Norris Coates
Mary Laidman
Michael O'Leary
Betty Rickher


Elaine Schneider- Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper
Ryne Hanz - Day Camp Director
Amanda Held - Assistant Camp Director
Pam Stockli - Volunteer Office Assistant

Volunteer Opportunities: Salesperson for educational programming needed. Must be an enthusiastic self-starter!

Summer Jobs: If you enjoy children of all ages AND being outdoors, check out these opportunities.

Job Opportunities

Director of Day Camp

Program Manager

Day Camp Counselors

Camp Fire Illinois Prairie seeks a seasonal, full-time Director of Day Camp.  Must have experience with previous youth day programming, ability to oversee staff and management responsibilities, and love working with children. 
Currently seeking people who love to be outside, with kids, having fun in an educational setting!  Day Camp starts on Tuesday, May 30 and goes through August 18.  Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
Counselor Job Description


Board Members