Campfire Illinois - Light the Fire Within
Camp Fire  offers a wide variety of programs for kids, youth and adults that help them increase their knowledge, change attitudes and promote positive relationships with others.
Camp Kata Kani
Adventure Programs
Programs offered at our location in Bolingbrook are within our seven acre wooded site that has a cabin, fireplace and other amenities. Nature recharges the soul and is known to improve our senses and personal development.  Camp Fire of Illinois Prairie provides a variety of programs to guide people to find their SPARK, have a voice, and become leaders NOW.
Outdoor programming, including a variety of nature and environmental education activities, archery, fishing,
CIT (Counselor in Training
Leadership Academy), weekly all-camp field trips and more. 
Weekly service projects are part of the program. 
6th-12th Grades
K-6th Grades
Camp Fire’s Teen Service and Leadership Programs provide a variety of opportunities to help teens develop as effective and engaged citizens, now. Through Camp Fire’s
Thrive{ology}framework, teens learn to identify community needs, issues, or challenges; decide what issues they want to advocate for; and then take action to make a difference in their communities.

Camp Fire is all about kids! Making children strong in their mind, body and spirit. We offer diverse, vibrant, programs that allow youth to gain critical life and social skills, confidence and conflict resolution capabilities they need to succeed.
Camp Fire’s afterschool educational enrichment programs provide a safe, supportive, and qualify experience for children K-8